Friday, March 2, 2012

Trouble Shooter for S.E. Asia

Energetic Troubleshooter, Interim Manager, Designated Hitter

Do you need to fix Organization/Process/System/Accounting problems in one of your "hard to get to" Operations? Do you somehow never find the time to address them?

I am a hands-on expert in these fields and can help your Company fix these problems with common sense, practical and results driven solutions.

- I can be of assistance in "overload or peak load" situations or fill temporary "skill gaps" that occur from time to time; on a contract basis. I bring your company these skill sets instantly and without investment or long term commitment on their part: I am deployable on a global basis.

- I can manage your Company's satelite organization on a temporary basis; allow it to remove sources of management problems quickly without the risk of creating a vacuum in leadership; This also enables your Company to conduct an orderly search for any replacements.

- I am a doer who thinks or a thinker who does, who your company can deploy for tasks that seem clerical and routine on the surface, but require thought to be done well and completed properly. There are many such taks that are necessary in a corporation that no-one ever has the time to get around to.

- Prepare or help you prepare budgets, financial forecasts, strategic plans, and road show presentations to make sure you have all the tools to effectively plan and monitor your progress.

- Document processes in foreign subsidiaries in accordance with SOX 404, ensure they reflect and are compatible with the home office accounting policies, train the staff and implement them.

I am a leader, an original thinker and team player; happy to be hands on yet able to take a step back and see the bigger picture. I know and understand the many functions and disciplines in a corporation and the way they are interrelated. I know how to connect and coordinate them so that all of them work efficiently as a unit.
Tel: +66-851-855-421