Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I can help your Company with the following:
- Reorganize your overseas finance functions into a virtual regional shared services center so you can expand, have segregation of duties and be SOX 404 compliant in your foreign reporting entities without adding any staff. I can also do this on a global basis.

- Manage your overseas operation or financial organization on an interim basis in a period of transition. This will assure you of good governance while you take the time to choose and train the right candidate.

- Apply my international experience in global cash management and set you up to deal with currency exposure around the globe, set up global cash management systems in liaison with banks and utilize techniques such as pooling to minimize exposure to foreign exchange and conversion risk.

- Implement processes and systems such as Virtual Trader to help you execute your inter company billing more efficiently, reconcile your intercompany accounts in minutes and close your international books in one day.

- Prepare or help you prepare budgets, financial forecasts, strategic plans, and road show presentations to make sure you have all the tools to effectively plan and monitor your progress.

- Document processes in foreign subsidiaries in accordance with SOX 404, ensure they reflect and are compatible with the home office accounting policies, train the staff and implement them.

I am a leader, an original thinker and team player; happy to be hands on yet simultaneously capable of taking a step back and overlooking the whole playing field. I know and understand the many functions and disciplines in a corporation and the way they are interrelated. I know how to connect and coordinate them so that all of them work efficiently as a unit.

I hold a Dutch passport and speak many European and Asian languages; I am used to traveling constantly.

In summary I am able to help you and your Company in a number of processes and functions in the international arena. I am and have been successful in the role of a consultant and have always left an organization in better shape than when I first joined it. I am experienced in most management disciplines and able to operate at all levels within a corporation.

Best regards and I look forward to hearing from you,

Bou van Kuyk
972 771 9887

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